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About TreeVed
TreeVed is a social network platform where you can save, organize and share
your links effectively. Connect with people with similar interest based on the
content they consume.
What can you do on TreeVed?
  • Save all the valuable resources of internet a one place.
  • Organize your links into your lists.
  • Journal your online activities in your Private Diary
  • Segregate all your links into Save for Later or Completed
  • Filter out from your library using Tags.
  • Stay up-to-date with the community with Feed Page
  • Share Recommendation with your connections
  • Create pages for your favrite topics and personalities.
  • Curate with the community in Groups

Who uses TreeVed and How ?

Why to use TreeVed
In today's ocean of digital information, it is not only important to Save &
Organize your best findings at a trusted place but also the passing of
information from trusted people must be insured.